Garbage In, Garbage Out

There is a problem with most sites that purport to inform visitors about marijuana and its strengths, effects, THC or CBD content, etc. This startling screencap shows a page from, which says it "provides the best online information on cannabis and marijuana for medical therapy and adult use." We don't mean to pile onto It seems like all the sites that seek to provide info on cannabis products have their shortcomings. We're particularly annoyed by sites that fail to provide information on THC or CBD content (or, when they bother, it's varies so wildly as to be worthless).

This bad/inadequate info is a problem from a recreational and a medical standpoint. If you have a preference for, say, a sativa over an indica, you can't be sure if the product you're buying is one or the other, judging from sites like this one. Same goes for cannabinoid or terpene profiles. And, of course, if this page is wrong, how much other information is similarly in error? Where do they get their info from? The grower? The dispensary? Do the budtenders depend on this info? Or do they have different info from what appears on or Weedmaps or Leafly? It's only a matter of one word in the example pictured above. But it is a very important word.


  1. I appreciate your forthrightness concerning the quality and content of cannabis. After 48 years of smoking, I just know what I like. Waiting for cannabis lounges to hopefully open soon in Las Vegas, any news? Ron in H-town