MJ Vending Machines? It all comes down to branding.

It is a "thing." Stories about the future come down the digital pike with startling regularity. And stories that envision a bright future that contains a MARIJUANA VENDING MACHINE pop with alarming frequency.

One article in particular lumped pot vending machines into a future along with similar machines that vend casino chips and alcohol! (Just like the Japanese probably do. Isn't every cool, adult thing usually done in Japan first?_Isn't there some sort of Japanese Automobile Vending Machine?) Is there a Libertarian/Vending Super PAC I am not aware of? Why all this warm and fuzzy feeling for... vending machines? And why such certainty that they're a lock to be ubiquitous "within our lifetimes?"

Sorry. Don't think it's just around the corner.

One thing that does not help? This:
The vending machine that was called the ZaZZZ. underwent a rebranding to become “The American Green Machine..."
The Great Vending Machine Takeover will not happen... until they stop calling them vending machines or ZaZZZ or ZiZZZ or Green Machines or... any machine. It will not happen until you start calling these contraptions "robots." (And, please, do not use the word "contraptions.")

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