First Friday Las Vegas

Most visitors to Las Vegas never stop to think about the community of residents who live beyond The Strip. To the tourists, Las Vegas is Sin City. To us, Las Vegas is our city.

And, just like many small towns and big cities, Las Vegas often hosts events geared primarily towards its locals. First Friday is one of those occasions.

But just because First Friday has a local feel doesn't mean tourists aren't welcome. In fact, we'd love to see you. 

Like most First Friday's across America, the LVFF features the work of local artists so it's a great way to pick up a souvenir you wouldn't normally find in a keepsake store. 

There are also numerous food trucks so you can sample different cuisines without having to go to a buffet. And, you can also enjoy free music, plays and other entertainment.

If you're here for the pot tourism, you can find paraphernalia for sale and there's usually a dispensary or two represented

And there's Thrive Cannabis Marketplace just over a quarter-mile (7-min. walk) away, open until midnight, seven days a week., just off the northern edge of the Arts District.

The October 6 edition of First Friday had a decidedly somber tone since it took place only a few days after the horrific massacre near Mandalay Bay. Adjacent to the First Friday area, a Healing Garden with a Remembrance Wall has been constructed to pay tribute to the innocent victims who lost their lives on that horrific day.

First Friday is located in the Arts District, just south of Downtown Las Vegas. It's an approximately 20-minute walk from The Golden Nugget but, if you're not walking with a crowd, you may want to take Uber.

First Friday, obviously, takes place on the first Friday of every month.

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