Your birthday is the best day to visit a cannabis dispensary

After finishing the free birthday breakfast at Denny's, we wandered from one dispensary to another to see what kind of discounts or free weed we could extract for the birthday girl. We were seeking high-CBD/low- or no-THC flower. We hit the jackpot at two outlets.

The first dispensary handed over a free pre-roll (or what used to be called a "joint") without requiring a purchase and the second offered a free pre-roll as a birthday gift-- and a second free pre-roll (after making a purchase) for being a new customer.

Not bad. Thre joints for free. Had we wandered to other dispensaries in the area, we no doubt could have scored more free weed just for flashing an I.D.! Don't forget to say, "It's my birthday!" (And be prepared to prove it!)

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