"Who else can sell a product that no one can use anywhere?"

That's Armen Yemenidjian, the owner of Essence marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, asking the question at the heart of an NPR piece that ran in late July called, "Tourists Buying Marijuana In Las Vegas Have Nowhere To Smoke It In Las Vegas."
But under current Nevada law, they can only smoke or ingest it at their private residence. Hotel rooms don't count. Casinos won't allow it on their premises because it's still illegal federally, and they'd risk losing their gaming licenses.
Tick Segerblom is on the case. His name makes him sound like some sort of superhero... and he is a superhero, to a lot of people. He even has a strain of marijuana named after him-- "Sagerblom Haze!" The description of that strain, from Cannabis.net, includes this:
The strain is named after Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom who has been a champion of medical marijuana and tireless advocate for patient access to medical marijuana in the Nevada State Legislature. Fittingly, Segerblom means “Victory Harvest” in Swedish.
Segerblom knows how to provide great quotes...

"We know how to capitalize on things that other states won't allow." (Think gambling, prostitution, drinking in public, race & sports betting, divorce, quickie marriages, etc.) He is trying to pass a law allowing "social consumption lounges."
And with more states legalizing recreational marijuana, three including California set to roll out sales in the new year, he believes there's a small window for the city to establish itself as the go-to destination for cannabis consumers nationwide.
Until those social consumption lounges arrive, expect to see a lot of people walking the strip, zombie-like, because they took two edibles-- instead of the recommended one!

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