"What's on your chin?!?"

What is going on at Pop-Tart Central (otherwise known as Kellogg's)?  Check the ingredients on the panel... there may be a very high THC content on these frosted watermelon Pop-Tarts. (Bought at the 99 Cents Only store.) Where is the dinosaur staring? At the Pop-Tart's jugs? Is the Pop-Tart gender-neutral? Is the dinosaur staring at his junk? What's on your chin?!?!? So many questions!  Don't get us started on the reggae/one love thing. Remember when Pop-Tarts were for kids? They will hereafter be considered The Official Snack of Stoners.


  1. I thought it was Cheetos. In fact I am SURE its Cheetos

  2. Cheetos? Step up your (salty) snack game, Stoners! Potato Stix rule! Spotted them at the 99 Cents Only store... thought that was strictly an East Coast thang!