We admire the entrepreneurial spirit, but...

We walked a mile or two on the Strip last night. When we were in the vicinity of Harrah's, heading south on the east side of the street, we encountered a gentleman sitting on the wall, offering marijuana for sale. (We assumed that was his game. Amid the din of the boulevard, he was saying, in a tone just above conversational, "Weed.")

We would like to stress to any visitors (or locals, for that matter) that buying cannabis from a gentleman on the street is NOT LEGAL.

While it is true that Nevada just approved the sale of recreational marijuana, it is illegal to sell or re-sell pot and it is illegal to buy it from such sellers or re-sellers. Period. End of story.

We wondered why someone might be tempted to purchase weed from a stranger on the Strip.
Convenience?  (Just how hard is it to walk or Uber to a dispensary?)
Possibly higher quality weed than can be had from a dispensary? (Yeah. Go with that.)
Cheaper?  (We're skeptical.)
What are the possible penalties if caught buying such weed? Don't know. But, ask yourself this: Do you really want to spend a good chunk of your vacation (or do you really want to miss Day Three of The Convention You're Attending) dealing with cops or judges or paperwork?

Just say, "No."

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