Vegas Weed store (s?) now open 24 hours a day!

So, according to the papers, Las Vegas city council has approved the first 24-hour, we-never-close marijuana dispensary.
Indeed, Oasis Cannabis successfully convinced the Las Vegas City Council to let it constantly stay open in lieu of locking its doors for three hours every morning and now plans to be open around-the-clock starting this Friday, Sept. 22.
Up until now, cannabis dispensaries had to close for three hours!  From 3 AM to 6 AM!  What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?! (Reminds us of the early days of gambling in Atlantic City. Up until the mid-80s, they would shoo everyone out of the gaming area at about 3 AM and not let them back in again for three hours. People would mostly just mill around or go to the coffee shop or hit a diner, then head back. Eventually, the boys in Trenton had a change of heart and A.C. was a 24-hour town. Sort of.)

Oasis is the closest thing Vegas has to a weed speakeasy. It's around back!  I'm surprised they don't require a password barked through a tiny sliding door-within-a-door!

But it is an interesting pot store in that it has an elegant way of getting around the "cash-only" requirements for purchasing weed (and any attendant problems). 

After you are escorted from the lobby to the display area, you are beset by a budtender who will answer any questions. The flower, pods, cartridges, edibles, etc. are showcased in glass cabinets and some are somehow pinned to the walls. It's like a weed department store with samples only on display (indeed, they call themselves a "Cannabis Superstore"). Any of your questions about THC or CBD or terpenes can be answered by the clipboard-bearing tenders. 

Payment is unusual. After placing an order, you are then instructed to stuff your bills into one of the two or three ATM-looking machines which spit out a receipt, which is then tendered, like cash, at the counter, where your order is fulfilled. Bring a lot of ones... I seem to recall that exact change would be desirable.

Here's Oasis:

Well... it's not really Oasis... Oasis is around the back. No, really... it's just to the left, and around the back, just down that narrow alley on the right. Trust me on this one.

And here's the view from the front of the building, looking east. That's the Stratosphere that the Washington Times says is a "stone's throw" away from Oasis. Yeah, if you're an Olympic-level stone thrower, maybe.

And this is how long it would take you to walk to it from, say, the Circus Circus RV Park, using Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. (Which, take note, was, up until a year or two ago, called "Industrial Rd.," so the walk won't exactly be pleasant. So, don't walk it... at least not at night.) P.S.: I wouldn't trust that the shortcut from the SLS, diagonally over to the Oasis would be passable, so use at your own risk.

Or you could just drive. Or take an Uber.

The folks that know about these things say that there will be a bunch of 24-hour cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas in just a short while. Once the council grants one of them the right to stay open 24/7, the rest of them will fall like dominoes. (This is good news for visitor, stoners, locals, etc., but it's also good news for people who need marijuana for medical reasons. Doesn't it seem like people always run out of conventional pain relievers-- aspirin, vicodin, etc.-- in the middle of the night? Pain does not like to wait for morning.)

Well, why not? If you can get your nails done or pick up a bottle of Jack Daniels or a steak and lobster dinner 24 hours a day, why not a gram or two of Skywalker OG?


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