Vegas Residents & Visitors will be "relieved to come out of the shadows."

After three whacks at it, the voters in Nevada passed a law last year to legalize the use of weed for recreational-- as opposed to just medicinal-- use. For groovin' instead of grievin'. 

On the night the clock struck 00:00:04:20 past midnight on July 1, 2017, we were just around the corner from five or six dispensaries (we got a lot of 'em around here). We didn't stop by to see the huge lines, but we watched on the television. (See video below.)

Turns out the night was a YUGE success!  

According to Forbes, the hyper-extended, four-day July 4th weekend saw THREE MILLION BUCKS in sales which meant about a HALF A MILLION dollars in taxes.  Others put the state's take at a million. (Forbes predicts that the state is "on track" to rake in $30 million between now and Christmas eve, but that sounds optimistic to me, even with a handful of bulbous weekends between now and the end of the year.)

The head of the dispensary association might agree with me. "Naturally, it will drop off because the first day was a novelty," Rianna Durrett, the Nevada Dispensary Association Executive Director told USA Today.  But she was confident of healthy future sales.

But the most interesting thing Ms. Durrett said was "...and I think people will be relieved to come out of the shadows."

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