US Reps fail to pass amendment having something to do with marijuana...

...and bless your heart if you can understand it what's going on.

If you want to read the article in The Hill, have at it.

When it comes to articles about what the Trump administration and the current Attorney General might do/can do/will do, this BuzzFeed News article is much easier to understand and is much more detailed. Americans become more familiar with how legal pot systems operate, their popularity will keep growing — making it increasingly politically perilous for Trump to try stopping them.
 And much more reassuring. The article is titled, "Here's Why Trump Can't Beat Pot." 
Voters across party lines are also hostile to federal interloping, according to the April Quinnipiac poll, which found 73% of US voters opposed busting people for medical or recreational pot offenses where it’s legal. Among Republican and independents, 53% and 79% oppose it, respectively. Trump would run up against those people — his own voters — if he tried.
Shorter version: It is politically unpopular. The end.

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