Strange smells in the "District of Cannabis"

D.C. smells like weed all the time, says the Washington Post.

In a story entitled, "Whiff of weed all around, all the time in Washington, D.C.," dated July 4, the problem of the stench of weed-- smoked and unsmoked-- is discussed. Washington, writes Maia Silber, "is smoking more weed than you ever realized."
But now, more than two years after the District legalized marijuana possession, it seems that everywhere you go in the nation’s capital, you catch a whiff of weed. And it’s often in the places where you least expect it.
It is worth noting that the scent of cannabis is more and more prominent in Vegas. A lot of people object to the smell of pot. And the aroma also sends up a flag to law enforcement-- and to hotel security. So, until the federal laws change, and unless and until folks get over their aversion to the assault on their sniffer, "social lounges" may be the only safe and risk-free way to light up in Vegas. 

But, the wheels of government turn slowly. Will it be possible for Vegas visitors (and residents) to light up in public soon? 

In a Review-Journal article from May, the idea of "pot clubs" is meeting with resistance:
“The smell permeates everywhere,” Assemblywoman Dina Neal, D-North Las Vegas, said Friday during the Assembly Government Affairs committee hearing for Senate Bill 236.
I hate the smell. I don’t ever want to be close to it,” Neal added.
SB 236, sponsored by Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, would allow local governments to permit various forms of social marijuana use.
We will keep you posted. Until then, tourists, there's always edibles... and disposable vape pens.

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