Our Mascot: Weedy, The Western Spotted Skunk

In the early days of legalized medical marijuana, I had the following conversation with my husband:
Me: On the way home, I think I ran over a skunk.
Husband: That was a marijuana dispensary. We don't have skunks in Las Vegas.

Me: [Feeling like an idiot.] [Silence.]

But, like most idiots, I immediately went to Google to see if I could prove him wrong.  And I did! Sort of.

 Turns out Las Vegas does have skunks but they're not the familiar Pepe Le Pew white-stripe skunks with a proclivity for sexual harassment.

Out west, we have the Western Spotted Skunk. According to Wikipedia, our skunks are smaller than the stripey ones but they still "possess a pair of large musk glands that open just inside the anus, and which can spray their contents through muscular action." Hey, now it's a party!

I think they're adorable and would make the perfect mascot for Sativa Las Vegas. So, I've named him "Weedy!" Weedy, The Western Spotted Skunk. Corny, yes but it's better than Potty Le Pew.

If you're wondering why marijuana smells like skunk, I'll let the folks over at Green Rush Daily do the scientific explaining for me because I'm a girl and I shouldn't have to worry my pretty little head about such things.

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