Munchie Madness: Bootlegger Italian Bistro

When you visit Las Vegas, you owe it to yourself to do something off-Strip and old-school. And, while going to a suburban dispensary to buy Maui Wowie would certainly qualify, it's not exactly what we had in mind.

Bootlegger Italian Bistro, located south of Mandalay Bay and north of The South Point, is a 24-hour Italian restaurant frequented by Las Vegas celebrities, locals and tourists in-the-know.

We have one rule when it comes to an Italian restaurant: If you don't smell garlic when you walk in... walk out. At Bootlegger's, you'll walk out smelling like garlic, and that's jut the way it should be.

Bootlegger's is a family run restaurant which opened in 1949. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but we're partial to their inexpensive Night Owl menu, which starts at 11 PM and ends when you should be eating breakfast.

There's also a Happy Hour, Early Bird Specials and  Prix Fixe Dinner options. Plus, gluten-free folks can order GF pizza and pasta.

On Monday nights, well-known-- and unknown -- Vegas singers stop by to perform on Kelly Clinton's open mic night. But there's usually live music during the rest of the week as well. You can check the restaurants entertainment calendar for more information.

On Thursday afternoon, Bootlegger family member, Dennis Bono hosts an afternoon show at The South Point featuring some of the best singers, comics and musicians in Las Vegas. The show is free and the audience consists mostly of "old people and their parents"* but they are a great crowd. Combining the show with lunch at Bootleggers would make a fun, old-school Vegas-y afternoon.

Bootlegger's is also located near the South Premium Outlets shopping center so you really can make the most of your Uber ride.

We like to sit in the Shecky Greene booth near the bar rather than in the dining room but that's because we're "booth near the bar" kind of people. There's also video poker at the bar for those of you who can't stand being away from a casino for even a few hours.

Bootlegger's is all about a casual vibe and heaping mounds of Italian food. Try not to fill up on the garlic knots.

* Raymond Chandler is said to have described La Jolla, CA, where he died in 1959, as populated by "old people and their parents."


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