"I'll take three pounds, please!" Buying weed during your Vegas stay

An Uber driver, a housekeeper and a TSA agent walk into a dispensary... 

No, they didn't!!  Because these three groups will never have to buy pot again!

Here's the scenario: You arrive in Las Vegas on Friday morning. Immediately, you head to the nearest dispensary. Surrounded by flower, edibles and concentrates, you vastly overestimate how much weed you'll need for your Vegas weekend. On Sunday, when you pack for your return trip home, you realize you have a lot of leftover product. 

What's a cannabis tourist to do?

1. Try to sneak it on the plane

Marijuana is still against federal law and airports are on federal property so just taking your pot to McCarran airport turns you into a law breaker. I'm not comfortable breaking the law so if you're like me, you won't take the chance. If you're not like me, however, and you want to take the chance then I suggest you get an emotional support skunk.

2. Leave it behind at the hotel

Since the beginning of Hotel Time, housekeepers have been the recipients of the strangest left behind items: bras, used condoms, Canadian money. I can only imagine how much marijuana product they'll find in the rooms they now clean. Many casinos, however, conduct employee drug testing, so the housekeeping staff probably won't be blowing smoke rings in the laundry room. (It's a safe bet that Human Resources is already working on a "What To Do When You Find Marijuana" PowerPoint presentation.)

3. Tip your Uber or Lyft Driver

What happens in your ride share car, stays in your ride share car. It's none of my business. But, keep in mind that Uber and Lyft drivers use their own cars to drive you around so don't stuff an ounce of Super Silver Haze between the cushions of the backseat! Consider that your driver's kids may be sitting back there when they're not driving your high ass around. It's better to toss it in the can than leave it behind.

4. Give it to your local Las Vegas friend

That's one way to get a free ride to the airport! 

Of course, the best way to handle this situation is to just not buy too much in the first place. There are plenty of dispensaries in Las Vegas so you don't need to load up on your first visit. 

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