Boomerang Smokers #1

The first in a series on "Boomerang Smokers" --Las Vegans and visitors who smoked weed long ago, then quit (for a variety of reasons), but have now decided to partake once again.

"How NOT to buy LEGAL marijuana"

I offer this short account of my first experience purchasing legal weed so that you, dear reader, might avoid my mistakes!

I headed for the dispensary just up the street, not much more than a mile away.

Minutes later, I was standing, slack-jawed, at a counter inside a dispensary, unable to comprehend all the data. When the bud tender offered assistance. I froze.

I knew this much: there are two species-- sativa and indica-- and each has peculiar characteristics and uses. And I knew there were hybrids, which combined the sativa and indica in varying proportions. Armed with this pathetic knowledge, I was determined to purchase a little bit of each, conduct research and move on from there.

And I knew that I needed to treat stress and anxiety. 

I panicked.
I wasn't prepared for the dizzying array of choices. Or the heaving, scrolling, LCD television monitors displaying the "menu" of tinctures, edibles, shatters and weed, complete with grams and quarters and eighths and THC/CBD percentages and dollar signs. I felt like I could feel the heat from the giant displays.

I exited with the following: 

1/8 of an ounce of an indica strain called Primus OG
1/8 of an ounce of a hybrid, indica/sativa strain called Gorilla Glue # 4 
1 free gram of a sativa strain called Super Silver Haze 
1 free "pre-roll" (just like it sounds-- a joint) of a "sativa-dominant" strain, Orange Crush 

That's nearly nine grams of high-quality marijuana. (If your metric is rusty, that's a bit more than a 1/4 ounce of product.)

And I paid a whopping $60 for it all. (That's less than $7 per gram!)

That was January 20. 

I still have most of it in the freezer. 

It was all too potent! At least for my purposes. I had heard that modern marijuana was strong, but I was in no way prepared for just how strong.

I have since studied up and learned about THC, CBD and terpenes. If you plan on using marijuana for medical purposes, you'll want to know about all that. Stay tuned.

Primus OG: 17.4 % THC/0.024 % CBD
Gorilla Glue #4: 18.976 THC/0.025 CBD
Super Silver Haze: 28.4% THC/0.06% CBD
Orange Crush: 15-22% THC/Negligible CBD


  1. Generally you don't want to store weed in the freezer. Freezing causes the little THC-laden crystals (called kief or trichomes) to break off from the buds when you grind it up. This definitely decreases the potency of the product - which I guess is actually a plus for you! Make sure to use a grinder with keif catcher and you'll see how much passes through the screen. Definitely keep the kief - that's the GOOD stuff.

  2. Just found out that storing coffee in the freezer is a bad idea, too!

    Yes. Decreasing potency is a plus!


    OR... you can throw a dime into a sealed, plastic container and shake it for three or four days (or minutes) instead of buying a grinder!! (There are sooo many marijuana-related lifehacks! We might start running some of our favorites.)