Greetings, Instapundit readers!

Welcome!  If you were driven here by the post about our blog on Stephen Green, aka Vodkapundit, posted that Sativa Las Vegas is "the blog whose time has come!" 

We're Sativa Las Vegas-- a blog devoted to chronicling the changes to Las Vegas wrought by the recent decriminalization of recreational marijuana. We're going to attempt to learn about legal weed (or, in some cases, re-learn!) along with our readers while simultaneously seeking to shrink-- or erase altogether-- the stigma associated with cannabis-- recreational and medical. And we aim to do so with humor.

Along the way, we're going to try to provide Weed Tourists visiting our fair city with enough information to keep them healthy (and/or relaxed) and out of jail.

So much online and offline writing about weed sounds like; 1. It was written by a botanist or 2. It's recycled, 1971-era, "Dave's not here!" humor. We would like that to change.

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