"Good people don't smoke marijuana."

Click the video below, the money quote is at 1:16. It's always a little worrisome to see a politician-- especially one who would become the Attorney General less than a year later-- throws around terms like "good people." 

The last attorney general said similar things about marijuana back in 2015. The experts didn't seem too worried then. 

One of those experts, Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, told a reporter from US News & World Report:

We don't need federal officials to personally support legalization. We only need them to respect the will of voters who have implemented legalization in their own states. As long as they don't spend resources trying to overturn those duly-enacted laws, I'm much less concerned about the personal views of Justice Department personnel.
That's how that "laboratories of democracy" thing works.

We recommend Tom Angell's Twitter feed. It's interesting and reassuring. 

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