Age before beauty?

An article in Newsweek entitled, "Marijuana use in the U.S. has increased since 2005, but not because of legislation, study says" caught our eye. 

This is the most interesting factoid in the piece:
The study also showed that people aged 50 to 59 are especially avid pot users, with these men increasing from 0.5 percent of the age group to 11.6 percent, an increase of 2,220 percent. Women went from 0.1 percent to 7.3 percent, a staggering 7,200 percent increase.
Emphasis ours. Our math skills are rusty, but that means that if there were 2.5 million old dudes who were "avid pot users" in 2005, there are now 57.5 million of them. 


We only bring this up because there seems to be a bias among pot dispensaries here in Vegas to hire millennials as "bud-tenders," especially young, hot, female millennials. (With some going so far as to require a headshot along with the job application, making it less of a job application and more like an "audition.") Is turning a dispensary into Dank Hooters the way to go? Shall we call it "Tooters?"  Asking for a friend.

We recently witnessed an exchange between two (male, millennial) bud-tenders at a dispensary checkout:  Immediately following the exit of an older, female customer, they exchanged glances, rolled their eyes and snickered. Hmmmm... Is the "millenial-ization" of the bud-tender workforce automatically a good thing? Conversely, would age diversity among bud-tenders be a wise business move, considering some of the stats that are emerging lately? Would it also make a dispensary a less intimidating place for the 40-and-over customers?

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