42,936,109 people visited Las Vegas in 2016

Let's call it 43 million.

Only four percent of them came here just to gamble.

Half of them came here for vacation or for pleasure.

Ten percent of them were here because of a convention or other business meeting.

Ten percent of them came here for a wedding, a special event or "other."

How many of them will be coming to Las Vegas to buy and consume products made from weed?

Some people will travel to Vegas and incidentally buy and use cannabis, to be sure. How many will come here specifically to buy and use cannabis?

But don't most Americans live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana? 

No. But about 60 million do. And even though the majority of Americans live less than an hour's drive to a casino, 1.5 million people come here every year just to gamble. Because gambling on a river boat docked by the shores of a muddy river in Iowa cannot be compared to gambling on The World Famous Las Vegas Strip.

Same thing with cannabis.

Don't misunderstand me, Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington are all fine, fine states. But they don't have Vegas.

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