6 Reasons Why Grandma & Grandpa Should Get High

Only kids think getting older is fun. Ask a five-year-old what it means to be another year older and he'll say, "I'm big now." Ask a senior the same question and you'll hear, "Well, it's better than being dead."

Sadly, the only thing that sucks more than getting old is being old. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In order to ease the mental and physical pain of aging, Grandma and Grandpa should put down the late-night sherry and pick up an indica pre-roll. They should let go of any pre-conceived notions of what it means to be a "pothead" and embrace the healing and relaxing effects of marijuana.

Here are some benefits to being a senior cannabis consumer.

1. The Munchies-- Many seniors lose their appetites as they age which can cause them to waste away. Enjoying food again is good for the mind and body. As a bonus, 4:20 lands right in the middle of the early bird specials. If you think the lines at restaurants are long now, just wait until dispensaries open near retirement villages.

2. Relaxation-- Money concerns, aches & pains and having to deal with that "no good son of mine" can all lead to anxiety. There are many strains of marijuana--including high CBD/low THC varieties that can help ease stress. Since many seniors don't like to drive after dark anyway, lighting up during Jeopardy might be the perfect way to wind down.

3. Pain Relief-- Old age is a pain in the ass figuratively and, often, literally. There is evidence that marijuana can ease pain so it may stop all the grunting and moaning associated with standing up, sitting down and getting out of bed.

4. Overall Health-- Research has shown that marijuana can help prevent Alzheimer's, stop the spread of cancer and maybe even increase lung capacity. I would love to see a day when seniors could throw away their prescriptions and use their daily pill holders for weed instead of pharmaceuticals.

5. Edibles-- Have you ever met an oldster who doesn't love a cookie? Now, instead of  telling the grandkids his Scotch is "Grandpa Juice" he can call his THC-laced cookies "Grandpa's dessert."

6. Visits By Adult Grandchildren-- If he's 21 or older, Junior's junior may just want to spend the week with his "favorite grandparents."

Of course, seniors should check with their doctors before deciding to try marijuana.  Consuming cannabis at 68 will probably be nothing like consuming it at 18.

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