Vegas Residents & Visitors will be "relieved to come out of the shadows."

After three whacks at it, the voters in Nevada passed a law last year to legalize the use of weed for recreational-- as opposed to just medicinal-- use. For groovin' instead of grievin'. 

On the night the clock struck 00:00:04:20 past midnight on July 1, 2017, we were just around the corner from five or six dispensaries (we got a lot of 'em around here). We didn't stop by to see the huge lines, but we watched on the television. (See video below.)

Turns out the night was a YUGE success!  

6 Reasons Why Grandma & Grandpa Should Get High

Only kids think getting older is fun. Ask a five-year-old what it means to be another year older and he'll say, "I'm big now." Ask a senior the same question and you'll hear, "Well, it's better than being dead."

Sadly, the only thing that sucks more than getting old is being old. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In order to ease the mental and physical pain of aging, Grandma and Grandpa should put down the late-night sherry and pick up an indica pre-roll. They should let go of any pre-conceived notions of what it means to be a "pothead" and embrace the healing and relaxing effects of marijuana.

Here are some benefits to being a senior cannabis consumer.

1. The Munchies-- Many seniors lose their appetites as they age which can cause them to waste away. Enjoying food again is good for the mind and body. As a bonus, 4:20 lands right in the middle of the early bird specials. If you think the lines at restaurants are long now, just wait until dispensaries open near retirement villages.

"Good people don't smoke marijuana."

Click the video below, the money quote is at 1:16. It's always a little worrisome to see a politician-- especially one who would become the Attorney General less than a year later-- throws around terms like "good people." 

The last attorney general said similar things about marijuana back in 2015. The experts didn't seem too worried then. 

One of those experts, Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, told a reporter from US News & World Report:

Experimenting with weed in the "laboratory of democracy" that is Nevada

In 2000, the citizens of Nevada voted to approve the use of medical marijuana. In order to do so, they had to amend the Nevada constitution!  In order to amend the constitution, they had to go to the polls on two consecutive elections-- 1998 and 2000-- and answer "Yes" on Question 9!

And on election night of 2016-- after two failed attempts in '02 and '06-- the citizens of Nevada passed a law that made the "recreational" use of marijuana legal for those 21 and older.

We are reminded of a quote from Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis:

How To Pronounce "Sativa"